Peak pollen season could spell trouble for Canberra's solar panel owners

The pollen count has started earlier this year (September 1, 2016) and the new data is showing some interesting early spring trends. One of these is reported in the Canberra Times today What might we expect to see this September?

  • Tracking the rise and fall of Pine (Pinaceae) pollen and Cypress Pine (Cupressaceae). September is a month that both of these plant families are shedding abundant amounts of pollen (see and for more details).
  • Other trees that are producing pollen at the moment are Elms (Ulmus sp.), Willow (Salix sp.) and Birch (Betula sp.).
  • We expect to pick up the beginning of the Grass pollen season sometime during the second half of September.


Yellowish "dust" floating in puddles along a footpath at ANU after rain is actually Pine/Cypress pollen.