Canberra sneezes through worst hay fever season in years.

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Canberra is on track to break a record of the longest string of days with high and extreme pollen levels and hay fever sufferers be warned - the worst could be yet to come.

Professor Simon Haberle, one of the creators of a mobile app which has been tracking forecasting pollen levels in Canberra since October 1, said so far this hay fever season had been unusually severe and November was the peak time for pollen.

"We had some quite strong days in October and they seem to be persisting," the head of the Australian National University's Department of Archaeology and Natural History said.

"We've had at least 10 days of high to extreme pollen in the atmosphere… and that's quite unusual."

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Forecasting the 2014 hay fever season

In this story in The Conversation, the Melbourne and Canberra pollen counters, Ed Newbigin and Simon Haberle, cast their eyes back to past grass pollen seasons and look forward to the coming season and what sufferers can expect. See how Canberra compares to other cities in Australia.

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Video explaining the new Canberra Pollen app on the ANUchannel


New app offers relief for hay fever sufferers


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